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"What is a nation but its people and their stories?"
- Boxers & Saints, Gene Luen Yang
I grew up on stories of women warriors who pushed the bounds & hard-working ninjas who refused to be beaten down.
These stories make me who I am.
In my exposure to people across ages and oceans,
I've developed a deep love for the vibrant, cacophonous portrait of human diversity and the little things that connect us amidst our difference. 
My aim is to share this love and these stories with you, so that these people, these places, give you pause and leave you moved to see the world in a different way.
"Our photographs belong to the people in them. We are simply guardians of someone's image, humbled by the generosity of those who welcomed us into their lives and share their stories." 
- Maggie Stebber, National Geographic Photographer


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